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Originally Posted by Messenger View Post
I am "trusting" him to tell her the truth when he feels ready... I cannot even deny that the NRE can be blinding.
And how will you know when he has?

You should tell him that you want confirmation directly from her.

AND -- and this is a biggie -- have you put a moratorium on sex until you get that confirmation?

I ask because you didn't respond about that point even though in your OP, you said you backed off. So, I'm really curious how you will handle that aspect. Also, it now sounds like you're trying to be upbeat and cheerful about it, so it makes me wonder if you're turning a blind eye to the red flags we've all pointed out.
Originally Posted by Messenger View Post
I find him simply irresistible.
Who cares how much lust he brings out in you? Hot guys are a dime a dozen. It ain't worth compromising your integrity nor conspiring with him to hurt an unsuspecting woman, whom he supposedly loves.
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