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Thank you so much everyone for your suggestions, support and feedback. To answer some questions posed, yes, this man is new to poly. He insists that everything will work out for everyone. I am "trusting" him to tell her the truth when he feels ready. Only time will tell how this works out? I am prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. He realizes he has put me in a very strange position.

I cannot even deny that the NRE can be blinding. I find him simply irresistible. I'm going to start referring to him as "Boston Creme" LOL! Since both are so tempting and impossible to resist!

I have spend hours researching poly, reading posts and books on the topic. It has been fascinating to say the least. I look forward to learning so much more!

Even if it does not work out with Mr. Boston Creme, I feel confident that I have the ability to be honest with any partners I meet and that poly is a lifestyle I can definitely relate with. I really love the idea of loving many and being loved by many! What could be better?
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