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First of all, welcome! As a former unicorn hunter myself, I know what a struggle it can be. The problem is this: we are all human. It's very hard to find someone that a) fits your criteria, b) fits your husband's criteria, c) feels like both of you fit their criteria! In my own situation, my girlfriend isn't completely ideal (seeing as how she is already with someone else and isn't available to be an exclusive triad with us), and also because of her own likes/dislikes. My husband and I both like her personality, and we both enjoy dating her (and especially the intimate time that goes along with it), but she is and always has been more into women. So she tends to spend more time with me than with him. When you're searching for a girlfriend, I would suggest not narrowing yourselves too much, or you'll end up missing out on some great people and opportunities! As far as not feeling like he'll leave you for someone else... I would say that is the point where you two need to gauge just how polyamorous you really are. In my opinion, the whole point of polyamory is that you have the ability to love more than one person, so in essence, wouldn't that mean he would never feel the need to leave you for her? He could fall madly in love with her, but still be madly in love with you too.... that's the beauty of it. If you don't think he can do that, then maybe he isn't poly at all...
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