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I try to explain to him I can't help how I feel...I get a bit sad when he is at work. He keeps telling me that when I get emotional it takes the fun out of being with some one else. thats not what I mean to do. I have never missed someone like I miss him when he is gone. I don't set to many boundaries except be home not to late or let me know if he will be late, safe sex, and don't call her by my pet name. So far the only one he cant seem to follow is the time one.

I even told him that I don't have a cold heart like his ex, i cant stop my emotions. I just don't want to feel bad for being sad some times. No matter who a person is there is always that question of what can i do better. I think thats what i fight with, along with what does she give him that I am not.

Really I am ok not seeing anyone else, which is weird because in my past relationships i alwys wanted to see other people. I actually told him that I was going to see an old lover just so he would understand how I felt when he wasn't there. But I don't think he gets it. I find myself wanting to ask questions about what he and this other girls do but he thinks I am trying to fight with him. That's not it. I am trying to keep my imagination from running wild.

I don't think if he wasn't who he is we wouldn't be so happy in other areas of our life.
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