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Hi Real Simple,
Welcome to our forum.

"I just feel he really thinks I should not feel how I do."
Actions are chosen; feelings are not. It's not up to him to tell or expect you how to feel.

"He told me last night he really doesn't want me to see other people because he gets the feeling back he got when an ex cheated on him."
That's not fair; you're not the ex who cheated on him, and he's already seeing someone else (seemingly without regard to how it affects you).

"I don't want to change who he is just want him to understand that I am a bit emotional about him being gone sometimes."
There's nothing wrong with asking for that. (And you should ask him that, if you haven't already.)

Let me ask you, are you really okay with him going to see this other girl? It almost seems to me like he's done this (and is doing this) without your go-ahead. Am I reading that wrong?

I think it's very big of you to be as patient with him as you have been. I hope we can help you somehow on this site.

Kevin T.
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