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Originally Posted by Precious1 View Post
But I find myself wondering, would it do me good to change my thought pattern from where I am now.. in an awesome relationship where all my needs are met other than time, headed towards our commitment ceremony... to perhaps thinking to myself that he is simply a Beloved FWB who visits when he can.
It would be a major step backwards for me, but I'm thinking it may be the only way to keep sane and stay with this otherwise immensely gratifying relationship.

Has anyone tried anything like that?
What other ways of coping have you found, when you want more than time allows...

Thanks in advance for sharing what has or has not worked for you.
I've only been seeing my friend for about 4 months. But I have sort of stepped back to regarding him as a friend who's fun to get together with when he has time, which means I've sort of stepped back into my own life a little bit more, making sure I'm not neglecting my female friendships, and so on.

In a way, yes, it does feel like a step backwards, but I see it--at this stage, for whatever my perspective is worth 4 months into this--as a choice between that or sitting around pining. I'd rather enjoy life than pine! Maybe others have other, better? answers.
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