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So what's stopping the three of you from forming something more... committed, I suppose? It'd be one thing if your metamour was mono and inclined to keep you at a distance for her own sanity. She's poly. In theory, if not in practice, that obstacle is eliminated.

That leaves personality clashes. How do you and she interact? Do you fight like cats? Could you take or leave the other? Would it be so difficult for her to let you be a larger part of your partner's life? How does he feel about your growing feelings? Is he perhaps not as committed as you are?

And how long have you been together? Just curious.

It's not what works or doesn't for me that's going to help you. What works for me is unique to me, unless you, too, are a TV Tropes addict. There's more to this than coping. Sooner or later, emotional Band-Aids will quit working, and a tourniquet can only stay on for so long until the limb dies. Better to address the gaping wound.
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