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Unhappy poly/mono baby steps

hello poly thread,
I have lurked these threads for a while now, finally having the courage to ask for advice.
I am a mono in a new poly relationship. I am very new to this, and doing the best I can to stay as open minded as possible. I love my partner and I want him to be able to be free to explore the things he wants.

We are taking baby steps to open our relationship up, talking frequently, reading books, and also a seminar. It's hard to hear things from other poly folk such as "poly/mono? good luck that's painful." I am looking for other poly/mono couples to help me comfort myself through things like dealing with jealousy and my own issues. I know successful couples are out there and I would like to find them, to ask them how their journey went, and to see what it took them to get where they are now if they are still together.

My partner is going to a social event this week and I have chosen to let him go alone so he is not felt held back by me being there. I am nervous about it.. just slightly. I know he is not going to meet some one and run away with them forgetting about me, but i am still a bit unsettled. The first time he asked me to go on a date with some one else I cried, and I want to work on dealing with those emotions. If there are any other mono people on this thread who went through similar things, even poly people, I would love to hear from you. My partner is the only other poly person I know and I would like to open myself up to this without the anxiousness! Feel free to share advice, tips, virtual hugs.. anything.. Thanks for reading. Hoping to make friends.


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