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My posts on here have made me weepy...

I just want you all to know that out of all the posts I have posted on these forums, the ones that I have posted on this thread are probably the most significant to me and MY journey.

I know that it is not my place to say that here, but as there is no place to say those kinds of things on here I feel a need to here... sorry Ilove2men, I hope you understand.

I am reminded of the journey I have been on and how I no longer victimize myself any more. I know I am really over something and have become who I am by something when I perceive that others will not think that I am a victim enough to respect my opinion.

Thanks for the reminder of my journey and the reminder that its over now. I fought the demons and won and I no longer have anything to say about it....

You are right LR, very relevant. It made me able to handle all that I do today and to be as strong as I am... that and numerous other things that is
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