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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Hmmm ... If you're having trouble convincing him, you may not have a lot of options as his skepticism is probably based in his emotions, and intellectual arguments don't always change emotions. To make matters worse, you're trying to convince him of something about your emotions (namely, that your feelings for him haven't changed). How do you ...
I really like what you wrote here,thank you for your time!

It is not like I am trying to convince him by telling him only, I show him with my actions that it is all till the same between us, and yeah, you are right, only time can show him that.

I am only second guessing myself about my feelings because of my anxiety problems…

I don’t think that poly people are making it up as an excuse, although I won’t lie, I thought about that about myself even though I always believed that we can love more that one… but I guess I was also second guessing and thinking that because we were ‘trained’ to believe in monogamy only.
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