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Default how do you ask..

Completely new, so new i have yet to experience but i would love to try.
Background on me: I am in a D/s relationship, married my Dom 3 years ago, but have been together for almost 8. In the last six months or so, he has mentioned adding a 3rd., another girl (shocker, i know) to top but has also toyed with watching me with another man. He is a voyeur and i am exhibitionist.

At this moment, it's all been speculation and he is unsure how he feels on the later. Recently, I have met a man who is more than willing to be volunteer his services, but also has brought out the more D side in me. This is something that I would love to explore.

It's strange, my feelings haven't changed for my husband I love him dearly and we have always had very open communication about everything. I adore serving him, however this boy has opened up a bit of pandora's box inside me and i am unsure how to proceed.

Any thoughts our advice would be very helpful...

thanks in advance,

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