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Thanks everyone for responding. There is no treatment for the high risk HPV strains except for supporting the immune system to handle the virus. So I'm trying to do things that support health overall. I have abnormal cells on my cervix - the abnormalities are caused by the virus. Those abnormalities are not cancerous and I am being monitored to catch it if they do become cancerous. There are treatments for cervical cancer.

I also read that earlier thread that NYCindie found. Thanks Cindie! You are the Goddess of Search! Lots of useful stuff in that thread.

I am inclined to tell people about my exposure to high risk HPV. Not everyone I know or interact with has good health care, or may have good health care in the future. I want people to know so they can judge their risk level. And I tend to be more on the open disclosure side of things generally. Generally, the more open I've been, the better my life has been. So I will go the disclosure route for now and see how that goes. I'm a little worried that no one will have sex with me again (I know I'm exagerating but still, it's a worry).

I'm also going to continue to find information. I'm also going to tell my doctor she has to do better on education herself and her patients about this disease. After all, if stats hold true, most of her patients have it. And I'm thinking about some sort of support group somewhere. I heard on Polyamory weekly about a HSV group that had conventions, parties, and education events as well as support. I thought this was awesome. Going to look into something like that.
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