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Wow, I may not be able to keep up with posting every day. We'll see. Anyway, here is the next part of the saga. Our life is our own reality tv show.


It’s happened again. My wife got her period the afternoon after our last romp, so we haven’t played since then. That was last saturday. Strange thing for her is that she normally gets lots of cramps and nausea the first day of her period, but after our fuckfest, she had no cramps and no pain at all, although her period came a week early.

This week she got to rest and recuperate from the massive pounding that our new boyfriend gave her on Friday and Saturday. She was tired after that!

I’ve been really great about this whole threesome thing. I mean i really enjoy sharing my wife with my friend. I fucking love it when they are having sex, and all three of us getting involved at the same time is the hottest thing I’ve experienced yet. But, i still found myself feeling a bit scared and worried this week.

Really I just needed attention, love, and reassurance. That is what it came down to. I love what is happening, and I still have a part of me that is a bit freaked out. You know…feeling things like worrying that it may blow up in my face and ruin our relationship…like she may love him better than me and run off with him…and worst of all…when they rode off to dinner on the motorcycle i felt the fear of what would happen if they were both killed in an accident and i suddenly lost them both. That would pretty much destroy me right now.

So I told my wife all of this, and she responded by giving me a little more attention, cuddle time, and reassurance. Simple things like telling me that she loves me and likes me more than anyone and that there just isn’t any way he could catch up to us, let alone be more to her than me. thank you honey. Thank you for being so sweet to me when I need it. I’m so glad that we’ve learned to ask for what we need from each other when we need it. I can’t imagine a relationship where you didn’t do that and have it respected and honored. That would suck. The hell with that! enough people have those sick twisted relationships already. Its time to evolve.

Anyway, last night her cycle was almost over and our boyfriend came over for a visit. I ended up making the bed up in the living room so that we could spread out and romp…you know, just in case
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