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Default I'm a believer

Hi all! I'm Esperema, I'm 27 & live in Australia. I currently have no solid experience with polyamory, I have only ever been in mono relationships. I first heard of polyamory a few years ago. About a year ago a close friend of mine was seeing a poly guy. Then I met an amazing mono couple, the topic came up but all none the wiser we parted ways. Since meeting them I've been curious, reading about polyamory & am interested in hearing people's stories as I don't know any polyfolk in real life. Everything I have read makes so much sense & it's like I've found something I believe in, I've always thought there was more to love than just monogamy. I'd love to meet someone (or two, or...) but in the meantime I'm interested in reading these boards & getting to know some of you on here. Peace & love
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