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Default bonding without the physical

Not necessarily a poly question, but has arisen due to the nature of our poly situation.

Normally at the start of a new relationship I can't keep my hands off the person, and vice versa. I'm used to the first months being nonstop physical affection - not just sex, though including that, but also the hand holding, the kissing, little touches whenever possible.

In my three month old relationship, I'm struggling with bonding more closely on a romantic level since we aren't able to be as physical as I would like due to the fact that very few of our dates are solo. I'm a shy enough person that I struggle with being physically affectionate in front of others, talking sweetly, etc.

Any suggestions for finding other ways to bond/enjoy what should be the insanity of NRE and grow that closeness? I'm pretty sure I just need to find ways that we can have more one-on-one dates -- not just for the physical but for conversing etc (hard to talk about things other than Elmo when you have preschoolers climbing on you). Perhaps find more creative ways to communicate between dates. But I'm far from an expert at dating so I thought I'd see if anyone here has suggestions they can share. Thanks in advance!
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