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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
fwiw, I agree with you Kyle, I don't think you should risk it. You know her, and you know you. What I've seen you write is that she is your first, your most, all that. If she needs to re-build trust in you, you can afford the time (and the whatever else) in order to do that with her. But get to counseling stat!
Tuesday is our first session. I just hope that we figure this out and are able to visit the open marriage again. Katie is my wife and I want to be with her forever. I just don't want to sacrifice a portion of myself in the process. I would if I had to, but it would be hard to deal with having let her do as she pleases and not being shown the same courteousy or trust. I think that is what is under my skin right now. I have been understanding and trusting and I just want to be shown the same respect. She told me today that she definitely wants to keep the open marriage, after we fix us. I'm definitely up for that. I want to fix us too!

One of her big goals is to move to California. The reason doesn't matter but from what I understand polyamory is much more accepted out there. She doesn't think we will ever go because I am deeply family oriented and my parents are a huge part of my life but I've always wanted to move away and I see no reason we can't move out there if we plan it properly and don't just move out there blind.
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