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Thank you for all the new input. After reading NYCindie's post from a few days ago, it occurred to me that the woman I am interested in has a very rich and full life and values her freedom and independence. It would be very hard to make her consider becoming responsible about someone, as it is expected in traditional mono relationships.

After the initial pain, I felt not as bad because I am not lonely (I have Athena). In addition, I could still keep the friendship with her and could let her know me better if she agrees to keep seeing each other in relation to the club activity. The latter I may suggest depending on how things go.

I agree that insistence is a lost cause. I did this for a very long time when I was in my teens. It did not work.

Currently, the situation is as follows: there is a likelihood that we will still be doing some of the club activity together: today I got a few emails from her regarding something in the club, inquiring if I will be participating.
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