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Re (from CielDuMatin, Post #6):
"First, for me, before anything sexual happens, I need to meet the other partners. If the other person needs to 'go slow' for whatever reason, then I will go slow too -- if this person is that good, then they are worth waiting for.
So, for example, in this case, once it was obvious that the sparks were there, if he was saying 'It has to wait until after our trip,' then my response would be, 'Okay, good, give me a call after your trip, once you have told her, so that we can do a quick face-to-face meeting with her.'"
I sooo agree with this. Sex is too big a can of worms to open without meeting face-to-face (I'd say even one-on-one just to be safe) with the other person's partner, and confirming that they're on board.

Unfortunately, NRE can cloud one's judgment about one's love interest. The guy described in the OP sounds suave, sexy, and suspicious. I guess there's no harm in saying, "We can continue our relationship as soon as I've met with your girlfriend." But I'd definitely say that (unless I were just gonna run for the hills).

Sux to be in that type of situation, Messenger. You are quite right to have misgivings about it (although I hope it all turns out to be okay).
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