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I am so sorry things are shitty for your girlfriend. ("Shitty" being a massive understatement!) I'm also really glad that this hasn't torn the two of you apart.

As for flakiness resolving, a story: My dad had underlying mental health issues, so it's a little easier to forgive, but I'm damned if I can forget that he ran around on my mum, or how close they came to splitting, or how often I wished that they had split for Mum's sake. I spent a good twelve years resenting him because, except for one instance when I was almost nineteen, he wasn't much of a dad. He couldn't hold down a job, but he spent like there was no tomorrow. His mood swings were worse than my PMS. He played at the role of parent; nothing about him gave me any reason to respect him, whether in that role or as a person, until two years ago when he finally got help. I'm 26 and I finally have him back. At last, I'm glad he stuck around (well, that Mum didn't kick him out).

He loved me the whole time, but love was not enough. I needed to be able to trust him, and I couldn't. About the only good result is that I'm determined to rely on myself first. Anything else is a bonus.
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