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Oh forum how I miss thee.

It's been a busy busy week and isn't letting up. Right now I am gearing up for tonights big burlesque show. First big show since the Christmas one... actually before that as we have some out of town performers coming. I'm so excited and nervous right now, but trying to breath and take in a lovely sunny day here.

Up dates... okay lets see. Leo's wife has contacted PN and wants to hang out. I am fine with that and encouraging it but also very emotional about is as well as the intent is to talk about what happened this winter. Well, at least PN's anyway. PN is anxious to hear what happened for her in all this as all of us figure that its was all a grand misunderstanding and a moment of confusion, too much information and high emotions. I am really finding myself feeling very vulnerable and emotional about it, but.... well, whatever. Such is life. I'm not about to stop anyone hanging out because of how I feel. I just have to deal and get through it.

My new friend has broken up with his girlfriend. He has realized, through talks with me and through his history with her that there are parts of their relationship that are not going to change. He is keen to see about us getting together as an item, but I have put him off due to his break up. It seems to me that the most ethical thing to do in the spirit of compassion, remaining honest in my communication with her (she is a more close friend of mine), and having integrity, that I go at her pace and let some time pass before jumping into the idea that me and my new friend could be more than just friends. He also needs time too as its been a rough couple of weeks and he is finding himself bombarded with his own issues, emotions, and in need of grounding and new perspecitve. So, we all wait and see where all this is going. Little steps will reveal what could be and eventually what the best choices are. Part of me suspects that he will move on and that I am the person that was the catalyst in his continuing life journey of self discovery. I don't know yet. If that is the case, it will be revealed.

Life at home and with Derby is great. Its been a bonding experience between us in the events of this weeks break up of our friends. Its hard work being supportive and knowing where our own personal boundaries are. Each of our friends has relied on us in different ways and need support this week. It makes things a little on the sad side not to mention frustrating when there are other things going on in life and support isn't always easy to give.

So dear forum... I hope to catch up next week. I have a hard time knowing that there are now pages of threads I haven't looked at. I am letting it go, but its a strange feeling just the same.

Hope to lose a pastie tonight. As they say in the bizzzzz. heh. After being in Vegas I feel rather pathetic, but, whatever, this isn't Vegas, but we sure know how to have a good time just the same.
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