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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
" Why haven't you discover the paternity. What do the birth records say? Aren't you defacto on the hook unless proven otherwise until the kid reaches majority.

Where is she living now?

What happened to the BF? Whats his position on the child?
Hi dinged, well, the other guy dumped her when she got pregnant. At the time I thought we would survive, because the whole time of our "poly" she told me that she wanted the marriage, right? But then after 12 weeks of her basically being a crazy person and telling me that we were over I got worn down, threw in the towel and moved out for the sake of the kids . Even after this I took her to all the scans and hospital appointments.
But then she had him at the birth.
She had lied to me (only one of many lies) and told me that a female friend had came from France to be with her at the birth. I found out the truth when he texted me to gloat and wind me up.
However, I have since worked out that he only did that because he was jealous of me; he does not have things his way.
My wife lives in our old house . (which I part own)with all the kids except the one at university.
He lives in his flat and I live in mine
She doesn't want to live with anybody. She doesn't want a divorce either. She doesn't want to know who's baby it is. The Birth certificate has been left blank.
I know that we (me and the other guy) both visit the baby at different times. Although I believe I see her more because I come and go at the house most days to see my children.
I think this is because if he finds out the baby is mine he will not want to know; If I find out the baby is his I will not want to know.
I have my own problems so I have not pushed anything; the baby is small and will be around a long time, there will be time later to sort things out.
Babies just need love.
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