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Originally Posted by insanity View Post
I always think of that example about children when I think about that.. but why are there mono people then? wouldn't they love both of their children?..
The thing that seems to trip most people up is romance and intimacy. Yes, of course, everyone has the ability to love more than one person, in the many ways we can love others (friends, family, lovers, etc.) but it's the romantic part that is different for everyone.

Intimacy, deep levels of closeness, sharing bodies, minds, and hearts - that is an ability that is unique to everyone. Monogamy can be deeply satisfying, as can polyamory. We all have different personalities, needs, and comfort levels with such things.

And that's not even addressing the issue of organization and calendar management - some people would just get too overwhelmed by trying to manage multiple relationships. Hahaha!!!
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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:
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