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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Has anyone taken the vaccine? What were your experiences with it? I asked my doctor about it and I am too old for it at 40. But I have heard conflicting information on this - that it just has not been studied in older people so they have no way of judging effectiveness. I have heard about some doctors providing the vaccine to older patients. Mine wouldn't.
When I told my doctor about my poly relationships last fall, he recommended that I get the vaccine, even though I was 38 at the time and have since turned 39. His opinion is that, since I'm at higher risk just due to having multiple partners, it could not hurt to have it done. My insurance did not cover the first shot but the doctor's office billed it differently for the second shot and it was covered. I've thought about calling the insurance to see if they'll change the decision for the first shot but I'm afraid that it'll just make them change their mind on the second one. So your insurance may not pay for it, but my doctor at least felt like it was worth it.

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