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And you are right, it has been an intense 36 months, as well as a baby, and a wedding, we have both lost our fathers and gone through some major personal development. We have been very strong as a couple and very good for each other throughout. It's not about to get easier quickly, we are moving house, having another baby and I will stop work so I can look after a newborn and a 2 year old.
It's fairly impressive that the only thing we seem not to be able to handle is his bloody dishonesty.
The plan was to move to somewhere quieter and pretty much take 2 years out to just focus on getting things right as a family unit. I just feel now like things have not been what they seem for too long.
He is a lovely guy, the sort of person who will do anything to help someone in a fix, he is a loving father and he cares for me a lot, although often that seems to be more talk than effective action.
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