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Default The third threesome, part 2

There is so much to write. I know I may be long winded...Anyway, here it is.


He sat back on his feet, and she sat back against him. I put a cloth under them. She leaned her head back against the side of his, and they both gazed at me in incalculable bliss. If I had had a camera I would have taken that photo. My lovers in full supernova radiance, breathing heavy, shaking ever so slightly. open. raw. in wonderment and disbelief.

He sat back against the couch and she lay back against him, and I tried to put my soft cock into her. I wanted to fuck her right then, but the angle wasn’t right and I was too soft. I guided her up onto all fours and entered her from behind. That made my cock rise up. I grabbed the ceiling and dove my cock into her until I felt the wave coming. Keep diving. Keep diving. The mild fire started and grew, rose into my belly, heart, throat, and mind until my entire body seized in that dazzling little death as my hot cum spilled into her, flowing like molten hot chocolate into her pussy. This is my wife, I come inside her. That is important to me, and i prefer it over all other places. I like coming so deep inside of her that i feel like my cock is inside her heart.

She floated down to the bed, amazed with stars in her eyes and wonder on her face. “I feel like a slut!” “I can’t believe I just did that!” “Oh my God!” You did baby! You sure did! You beautiful vixen. You gazelle. You are amazing. You are so desirable! you are so damn delicious I can’t even stand it! I told him about how “slut” is actually the female version of the word “stud”. My dear sweet wife, you are such a stud!

We all panted and soared on the bliss and amazement that was lifting us. He went for a cigarette. I put up the sun shade and tilted the solar panels to the sun. “All this before noon!” he said.

We talked about relationships and how they all-too-often fail, about communication. I thought about being a relationship counselor. Maybe I could get a good local cheap state tuition program here. What a thought that this 3some might spark an entire career path for me. We talked about writing. I have wanted so badly to journal about all of this, but I have no journal. Only the boat log. That is not the place for this writing. I need to write about these things. They stir my heart. I have passion for this.

As we slowly floated back closer to earth, we thought about our day. He left and would come back in two hours to get her. then they would go to the farmers market together, and I would stay behind and write. Here it is.

When he left she told me how turned on she still was, and indeed her pussy was just as full and juicy as on our wedding night six years ago. I stroked her clit ever so slowly, kissing her tender lips, halting, savoring. I circled her clit sliding on my cum. my mouth merged between her legs again, and she came on my tongue. one final orgasm. I laid on top of her and slid my cock into her again, staring deep into her eyes. Lifted her leg just a little, and came inside her again. A long time I laid there, my heart beating on her heart. It is so good for us to reconnect only with each other after playing with him. It reaffirms us as a unit, it brings profound sacred closure to the festivities, the worship, the play. We commune with each other only and ground our energy with each other.

We talked and talked and talked. I told her how I thought that she has so much untapped sexual capacity that maybe with two men lovers we could see how far she can go. When one of us tires, the other can continue with her. I wonder how deep that sweet honey pot of hers can go. As i laid on the pillow I saw kaleidoscopes behind my eyelids. Fractal patterns swirled and colors cycled. Subtle, but it was there. I haven’t experienced that except when I tried E in my twenties. All day I have been tripping on this serotonin flush that our threesome gave me. I am completely and totally blissed out. How amazing that this can happen naturally, without the need for a synthetic chemical like E. It is possible with solely love and communication and desire.
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