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Default can we REALLY love more than one person?

I've been reading here a lot, sometimes posting but mostly reading trying to find answers for many questions..

I always thought that it is possible to love more than one person. I never thought in depth about it nor discussed it with anyone since there was no actual need..

And now when thing as they are... I've been wondering...
can we REALLY love more than one person?

I put 'really' in caps, because when I met this girl and felt like I was beginning to develop feelings towards her, I wondered do I really love my bf of almost 6 years or is that a habit? LOTS of emotions were over loading my head, but I come to realize that I do love him.
And by now I think that I am falling in love with that girl (if haven't already)

At times I can feel the 'me loving them' at the same time naturally, sometimes I need time to switch from one to another (I don't like that feeling, that I'm like supposedly switching one of them off')

So that's why I am asking again, can we REALLY love more than one person? or is that my mind playing tricks on me?
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