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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
"typical Hollywood happy ending" (ie "[one] boy gets [one] girl") is often a cop-out, the coward [scriptwriter]'s way out. (It's like that other old chestnut, the hero dying bravely because the writer hasn't got the imagination to resolve the drama any other way.) We ask for more courage, more imagination, more willingness to explore alternatives to the hackneyed traditional resolutions.

As an analogy, I'd point out that one of the best books ever written loses none of its charm or magic because it contains, near its end, the sentence:Nobody is terribly disappointed or says"How lame! I watched that journey for nothing! It was only a dream after all... Alice didn't have to solve all her problems and find her own way back to reality: she just had to wake up. I want my money back!" (Or, in fact, the even more typical and traditional resolution: "Hey! Why didn't the hero show up to rescue her?! Where's the love interest? We was gypped!")
I'd like to just interject a tiny thing here, having been an actor for forty years. This is off topic, but the reason movie-goers get hackneyed endings is almost always because of money. There are huge amounts of money invested in movie productions. The investors want to see a profit. Millions of dollars are put into a show that might bomb.

Naturally, humanly, of course they want to see the show not bomb but turn a profit. The best way is to play it as safe as possible. What is safe?

Stories, endings, actors, directors that are already proven winners. That have already turned a profit. In other words, hackneyed.

The same goes for published books.

Quality can be found in entertainment. It usually can't be found in big budgets, because people get scared, even the big people with all the money.
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