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I`m waiting for someone, so I can`t wax long in this post right now. Just wanted to offer words of encouragement.

HPV seems to have two faces. One is the face that it isn`t a big deal, mostly an inconvenience, that most people past the age of 30 will have, with little to no symptoms, and except for the relatively rare strains that cause cervical cancer, mostly risk free. And, finally, that most of the warts (and, the virus itself) go away on their own, or do not recur after one or two removals.

The other face of HPV seems to show itself along with many horror stories. Incurable, cervical cancer, throat cancer (transmitted through oral sex), spreading, recurrences of up to 30+ years, devastated egos and sex lives, as well as scarring. HPV is also a lonely disease insofar as it is the least known, even if the most common, of STDs and yet all everyone talks about is HIV and HSV.

The vaccine as well, seems to have two stories. One is that it is effective and risk free; the other, that it has extreme side-effects and is irresponsibly touted by pharmaceutical companies which haven`t even sufficiently tested it or proven its effectiveness.


Fortunately, my case is #1. The mild face of HPV. I contracted it about a year ago. Removed it (a single, small wart that was already decreasing in size on its own when I burned it off), and it did not recur. To my knowledge, I did not infect anyone before or after the diagnosis.

I am past the requisite 6 months after removal, when recurrences are common. Even the scarring is still going away, and is now barely visible. I also contracted it using condoms. The wart popped up at the base of my penis, in my pubic region, where the condom does not reach. The girl who probably gave it to me was a drop-dead gorgeous bombshell.

Initially, I did communicate my infection to two regular partners of mine at the time. Now, I think it would be ridiculous for me to mention it since the risk of transmitting it (or, even of still having it in my bloodstream) is probably just as low as the risk of someone not knowing they`ve already got it.

One thing about HPV is that a lot of people that have it, don`t know they have it. And, I don`t think you should punish yourself for possessing the knowledge. As should be the case anyway, I think if you`ve treated it and are past the recurrence window, it is enough to get tested and show your partners the results if they ask.

I am fairly educated about HPV, especially due to a couple of internet resources. If you`d like me to give you the links, please PM me.

Good luck and I hope you hang in there.
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