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I feel (but, I`m a feely unicorn! ) you`re entirely justified in asking for a couple things.

a) the PDA thing is sheer disrespect, and has got to stop if you`re uncomfortable with it;

b) you need both together time with your boyfriend, and me time within your own home. So, she`s gotta hustle. I`ve been unemployed before, and if I remember correctly, looking for a job is a full-time job in itself. I was hardly home...Other than that, she can take a hike to the internet cafe, while you guys have your cuddly or steamy time. It`s not rocket science;

c) Is she freeloading? Are her parents, or the government, or loans helping her pull her weight around the house or what? If not, then that would be a concern of mine as well, although more as a guy who`s got his name on the lease than a boyfriend.

If your boyfriend can`t understand these very reasonable concerns, then I`m afraid he`s taking you for granted and making a doormat out of you. Don`t let 'em!

Good luck.
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