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Default Stepping Out

"do not follow where the path may lead. go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Emerson

this quote hangs in my CabinShack on the wall next to the ladder that leads up to the bed loft (the "Roost") from the main (and only) room. (i love this shack. except for having to hands-and-knees it around the Roost, it's my dreamhouse - complete with fireplace. bet it's not 600' sq. anyway....) i've had the plaque containing it for several years - was a birthday gift, and has always hung over the mantle or someplace apparent - but it's never jumped out and hit me, BLAZED for me, the way it has for the past few weeks of my life. now it seems like it's tattooed onto the muscle tissue of my heart; burned somewhere into my flesh.

i am just now beginning to live with the courage it will require for me to step out and live as a solo poly. and i feel ALIVE again with the energy that realizing this has brought to me.

i'm again delving into the things that once brought me joy (and coincidentally were things requiring much alone time), MOSTLY writing and recording songs.

no details in this post...i just had to start out by sharing this quote and the power that it has to inspire and motivate.

make your own path.

if you're not ready to do it yet, don't give up on the dream of doing so. give yourself time and care, hold the idea (however vague) of your ideal lifestyle somewhere inside you, and move step by tiny step in that direction.

there are powers cheering for you that you can't even begin to know.

all the best! and more later

<3 BMB
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