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I had the HPV vaccine and still ended up having one of the high-risk strains that it doesn't cover - it's only good for 2 low risk and 2 high risk out of at least 70-100 different strains. Lucky me!

Anyway, I go back for my first follow up pap in May, so I totally get where you are right now. It's pretty mind blowing at first. At least you could tell all your past partners... I don't even have contact info for many of mine.

Basically what I learned is that the cells are very slow to mutate so as long as you keep up on your paps, you should be fine. If they continue to mutate, they may have to remove the abnormal cells so that they don't become cancerous. Generally the body will fight it off on its own. You will ALWAYS have HPV, but it is only spreadable at certain times when it is active. The bad? You never know when those times are.

I haven't had anybody react too badly once I've explained how rare it is for cancer to actually develop. It is also so common now, that people I told that I hadn't been sexual with have told me they have it too! A surprising support system. It is much, much more common than I realized!

As for avoiding the skin-to-skin contact.... EVERY sexual partner I've had since diagnosis has been willing to take the risk. They figure they normally don't know whether someone has it or not, so at least they're prepared for it since I told them. Just talk to your partners and see what they want.

Best of luck!
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