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Thank you for beginning this thread. I am enjoying reading about everyone's relationships to food.

I have had eating disorders in the past, (bulemia, anorexia, overeating). It's been difficult for me over the years to admit where these came from, (neglect, chaos in my family, etc) because I know how much I'm loved and had such a wonderful mother. (Off topic, but right now it feels like everything is getting a light shone onto it).

My relationship to food has also been affected and is still affected by a chronic illness. I have severe food allergies and am very restricted in what I eat. I've finally narrowed down my diet to foods that work for me. I've also narrowed my relationships down to people that work for me. Hmm...

I can definitely relate to feeling "full" when I'm in love. There's definitely a part of me that feels empty a lot of the time and feels full when I'm surrounded by people that I feel safe sharing love with. It's a beautiful feeling.

I think the body needs to feel that fullness of love. It's primal.

Although a low thyroid might prevent this, maybe having healthier relationships in my life will help me get to a healthier weight soon.
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