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Hi there - I've read what you posted here, and in your blog, and on fetlife, actually. So, I feel the need to comment. Only because of the negative experiences you have shared recently in your blog.

When you are feeling positive, you are so romantic, erotic, and positive. Other that that, you are ...human? I wonder if you are thinking long term. I wonder if this could segue into a full time bi triad (he seems to be not 100% openly bi), or if his participation in bi threesomes is pushing your negative feelings aside for awhile longer. or if you are pushing things aside for your wife's sake. I DO come back to the post you have "No Condom / Her 1st Oral". It makes me hope you've come farther since then, as a lot of other people in poly configurations would have a BIG issue with that... It make me hope you have been talking out potential scenarios instead of winging it. I WANT you to succeed, but I worry that from what I see, you are just floating on a drift of NRE and sexual desire, and worry that it will come to an end when you run into reality.

Your posts lackadaisically about the condom issues, about jealousy, about new experiences, and I think it's OK as long as he's nice and more open to the bisexual MFM, but I do worry about the LACKADAISICAL comdom post, and the other issues in the posts you've made. I feel like you are flinging yourself into these experiences wholeheartedly, but you almost seem to be admitting already that it's a forced effort. Hope I'm wrong.
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