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Maybe, rory! Hehe. Was unintended for me, but nice.

C cooking a very late brunch (at 4.30 in the afternoon) - he's hanging with friends later on tonight. I'm having a night in, maybe with Sage if he's around, or perhaps just by myself.

It's been great having Carob here on holiday and will be sad when he leaves early Sunday morning. This is also the most consecutive nights I've spent sleeping with him - since last Wednesday when he arrived. Even when C and I were in the same city (and I was long distance with Sage) C & I didn't sleep over nights together for extended periods. Longest was a holiday together for our 2nd year anniversary, and that was maybe 4 nights? And by accident actually, we got caught to a snow storm and were stranded for an extra one or two nights.

So yes. Interesting period, but I'm ready to get back into a routine. We've been keeping holiday time and eating out quite a bit. Haven't seen too much of S but things are well.

We've just moved house... It was really good timing actually because we still have one more week in our old place so I have been able to stay in the new place with Carob while Sage chilled out at our old place. Meant we didn't have to fork out for motels or anything to give each other space.

Really feel for people who do LDRs and need to share living all together when a lover visits.

S has applied for a job at our home town (where C currently still lives). If he gets it, it's a permanent position that will start early next year. I am on unpaid leave from my job in the same city until round about then.

Carob was thinking of moving to find work in the town we are now, but we're feeling like it would be great to co-ordinate things better to minimise the living-apart times. So... if he does move here I hope it will be for something temporary instead of too permanent (that is, if S and I are moving back Feb next year!)

Regardless of what happens LDR-wise, we can handle it - though I'd prefer not to have to of course
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