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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Or since he had done some legitimate work on himself trying to be okay with the situation, she would mourn the loss of the relationship with her lover and put in the effort to get over him so she and her boyfriend could move on and have a happy, healthy relationship. Would it be hard? Yes. Would she feel resentment? Probably for a while, but overall I think she very much understands where her boyfriend is coming from and will do what is necessary to make their relationship work.
I would be sad if I gave up my lover, I would miss him, and although our relationship consists of mainly sex, that is not all I would miss. I dont have a great time doing things with him (apart from awesome sex and he is not loveable like my bf, I cant pretend that we are all hugs & kisses like I am with my bf, we dont stare into each others eyes and hold each other and tell one another how much we are in love, he could never have a relationship with my son like bf does. He does not know how to express himself in that way, he cant. As I say though, there have been times that I have needed him, and he has never come up short when it came down to it. He has been a huge part of my life for over two years, and his feelings deserve to be thought about in all this. A kiss on the cheek, and a quick...."You know I love you." That doesn't sound like much does it, I know he means it though.

Your right though, I will do what I have to, for my relationship with my bf.

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Or he will continue working on his jealousy issues, they will continue working on the relationship in general, and eventually he will feel secure enough that he will even enjoy the fact that she has someone else!.
Well, I wanted to raise what he said about me being with my lover "turning him on sometimes." I brought it up with him in a teasing kind of way, he seemed bashful when he said it, so I didn't want to take it to far, but yes he admitted again that SOMETIMES it does. It cant hurt our situation though, might be a good thing.

Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Aurelie - I did have a question... Did you and your boyfriend talk about the possibility of him meeting your lover? If so, was he open to it? I could see it either going really well (the two guys liking each other or at least recognizing that the other is good for you) or really badly (your lover's arrogance showing up, your boyfriend feeling insecure from the beginning and letting it affect his personality, etc). Just curious if you two had thought about further. I remember you mentioning it early on, but I didn't remember much discussion on here stemming from that.
No, I haven't asked him yet, I will do though. I dont want to yet, I think we did well at the weekend and I'll leave it a few weeks before asking him. Will they be o.k with it, I think so, cant tell for sure though. I really want my lover to meet my bf, so he can see for himself why I love him so much. My bf can get on with just about anybody, and they do support the same football team, so that's something they have in common My lover does not always mean to be rude, he just can be, he doesn't even realise he has been until you tell him, he has that kind of sense of humour. That's why I want his wife to be there. I like her, she's funny, they are funny together, if it is a bit uncomfortable to start with, it wont be when she gets going, she will break the ice. I will talk to her about it.
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