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Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
Best thing you`ve said all thread. The only way open relationships work is if the girl is bisexual and is bringing you in partners.

Good luck.

Edit: Alternatively, if you`re bisexual and prefer to be with men.

Edit2: Alternatively, if you like to be your wife`s cuckold/submissive.
Though I do sense some sarcasm I also can see some truth in the statement. Especially when the man plays the patriarchal part in the sense that he is the primary source of income, sole manager of the finances and household paperwork, payer of bills, provider of house and car, has all the debt in his name, handles most all family "emergencies" (plumbing, appliances going awry, car needing repair, daycare falling through, medical bills, wife's computer dying during finals), does most all the household shopping, is the only driver, and responsible for the yardwork and maintenance of the house. I'm doing all that while also working myself through nursing school so I can be a stable source of income to support the family into the future. Sometimes for all I do I feel like I deserve that my wife bring a harem of girls home to me on occasion...not that I have ever said so, or even really felt that way. What is more true, is that I feel I deserve my wife to be my harem (at least sometimes when I have the time) like she was before she knew she had me as her own...when she was being the person she wants to now be to other men (at least this is what I think she means when she says she want to feel like she's free to be whoever she wants to be with another man and how if I were involved she couldn't experience that freedom).
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