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Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
Best thing you`ve said all thread. The only way open relationships work is if the girl is bisexual and is bringing you in partners.

Good luck.

Edit: Alternatively, if you`re bisexual and prefer to be with men.

Edit2: Alternatively, if you like to be your wife`s cuckold/submissive.
She's not bisexual. She's says she'd be turned on to sit in the closet and peek in while I'm with another woman, but she has no interest in helping me find that woman.

I'm not bisexual but I have stated I'd be willing to try participating in a 3-some with her and another guy. I've stated that it very well may help me more comfortable with her having sex with other guys if I felt that the whole experience was something that she and I shared together and that it would be an opportunity for me to see that she can really stick to agreed parameters when with another guy. She has repeatedly stated she has no interest in that kind of experience. The reason she always gave me was that she would be too embarrassed to be naked/sexual with two guys at once (even though she has before in her past but that was back on her drug-using days). It is only recently that she opened up to me that it's that she feels she can be a different (freer) with someone else and me being there would ruin that experience for her.
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