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I think that's sweet.

I talked to my mother in law today, and she went on and on about Gracie (Keith's dog that is now Keith's mom's dog lol). She is also spoiled, apparently. She went from not allowed to even sleep in the bedroom to sleeping in the bed every night. She has a dog living next door now that she plays with through the fence so she spends A LOT of time outside - which is good, because she was getting a little chunky in her old age living in an apartment. She has also started visiting the store where my MIL works. So, yeah. That rehoming worked out really well, too. lol Keith's parents were soooo set that they did NOT want a dog and only took Gracie because she has anxiety issues and there was no way any shelter would have been able to find her a home (she had been in the shelter for a year when we got her). Turns out they are totally dog people.
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