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Originally Posted by lola View Post
So, are most of these online games? I know WoW is. I hate to pay monthly fees for games. and if my schedule interrupts that, then I'm dishing out the cash for nothing. Maybe why I enjoy the stand-alone games more...I'm too cheap.

My sister already finished DragonAge...says it went really well, it's just a bit confusing how to pursue certain bits of info and add ons in the game.

I look forward to having something of my own to report. Fingers crossed.
Yep most online games are PaytoPlay (PtP). The one my son-in-law plays is FreetoPlay (FtP) that's "Guild Wars".

Trisha and I are in the closing week of the "Alganon" Beta and it goes PtP on Dec 1st.

Whatever everyone is playing or playing with (wicked grin) I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and a Happy Yule Season.

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