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I'm not sure what to do either. I'm not so interested in the small poly social group that exists in this city. Their meetings are rather seldom and most often I'm occupied with nursing school or family life when those meeting occur. My "hobby" is pretty much school for now so, for the most part, school is also my social life. And, oh, how much I miss and wish for being chased...and I'm hard pressed to see how that will ever happen outside of a poly social group with my wedding band on. Within my group of friends at school I've done my best to make it clear that I'm "available" and my wife is okay with (and actually wishes) that I find someone else for myself. I can't be all too outspoken because I'm going to have to work with some of the people in the nursing program, some of them are rather religious/conservative, and my potential employers (hospitals) can be rather judgmental of anyone much outside of the "norm". Once I've worked a few years, gotten my Masters degree, and can work independently I won't have to be so careful.

I've been continuing to wear my ring, but am considering taking it off. I'm just feeling more and more that it is a sign I'm taken and not available. I know that as a monogamist dating years ago I didn't even consider flirting with/hitting on a woman with an engagement ring or wedding band. I'm left to believe many women will think the same when they see a ring on my finger. On the other hand, my wife has no problem getting guys to flirt and hit on her, but she is more socially outspoken and sees no stigma attached to her propounding her polyness.

I'm curious if any guys out there have noticed a difference in the response of women to them since they have stopped wearing their wedding band.

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