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I am wondering what the reason is that these two men have not met. I find that often times people get all into the fantasy image they have about others simply because they are not around them. You lover could easily slip into the attitude that he is the top dog that will get the girl in the end if he has not seen his metamour, let alone talked to him. Your bf could easily hold on to his jealousy around the sex you have with your lover and the size of his cock, if he has not seen him, talked to him or had a chance to develop some kind of relationship with him. I am not saying they have to be best buddies, but from what I have known in my own life and through spending years on here and other poly places of chat, the best medicine for jealousy and other fantastical thoughts is spending time together. Often people become way more, well, human and unthreatening when they are around us in real life. Why not invite them out for dinner and just shoot the shit. See how the conversation goes. Its been 2 1/2 years for goodness sake. High time, I think.
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