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I commend you for your recent honesty and efforts. It must be a huge weight off....having things out in the open and the ability to discuss more openly topic generally skirted in the pass. I bet that feels much better for both of you.

The only problem I see is that the Bf is still in a lose lose position. If he can't cope ...if he has to tap out he's going look weak and feel weak. Being responsible for forcing you to give up something /someone you love and need. A lifestyle that he was ok with and agree to when he signed on. The guilt, shame, the failure from that... and the fear of resentment let alone any actual resent you may feel if he taps out. Gets what he wants yet feels like a loss. Might get sole custody of a vagina but lost the heart and mind that accompanied it.

If he does continue to struggle....never getting use to the idea of sharing his Gf/( future wife) sexually ...never taps out because of the things listed above ....tolerates it because of the box " he" put "himself" into and the pain and resentment slowly eats his soul. Lose again.

Would you like to be married him or anyone?

PS...I do have the results from the impromptu poll....if anyone wants it.

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