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Originally Posted by Mya View Post
It's not that I don't understand the need for space, I just think it's illogical to think you don't have your own space if you have a room all to yourself where you can spend the whole day without anyone coming in.
It's so confusing that it's actually for once me pointing out that not all emotions are logical. [Usually goes the other way around.] Maybe that feeling will change someday. But I am also not sure I could live with partners or metamours exactly as I would with roommates.

I hope that just because I tend to think about things in quite practical ways (i.e. if I have a dream, I will think about if there's a way I could make it happen), it doesn't always come off as me trying to fix something. I don't think I would be triggered to that fixing it sort of mode unless it was something really emotional and involving me, and I am more careful with that reaction nowadays anyway. I do enjoy hearing about your dreams, of course.

I hate to think that I would come off thinking your, or somebody else's, dreams are silly. I think dreams are great to have!
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