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Originally Posted by rory View Post
Yes, you did write that very clearly, and I didn't mean to imply or say in any way that you should stop thinking or writing about it! I was just more pondering to myself (out loud, or well out visibly when it's writing), if I should just try to take your dreams as they are, as dreams, so that I wouldn't feel compelled to sort of "argue against it". Meaning that I was wondering if it would be rational for me to change my own behaviour in how I answer you when you bring it up, as you have made it clear that it's just dreams for you. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding.
Ok, good. I'm glad we talked (or wrote) this through. I'm also sorry if I misinterpreted your words. Yes, I would appreciate it if you could take these things to mean they are just dreams to me and not argue against it. And if I start dreaming of becoming an actress or something, please don't remind me that it's very unlikely that this will happen. I want to dream and perhaps make the dreams happen in some form or another, if not in their original form. When I tell you about my hopes and dreams, it doesn't mean that I will do everything I dream about. But talking about them reveals something about me and helps you to see who I am. You don't have to either start arranging the thing to happen (=fix it) or make me see the light that the dream was actually quite silly. Sometimes I just want you to listen and take it all in, so that you know what goes on in my head.

Originally Posted by rory View Post
And I do agree that those dreams of communal living are totally realistic for you, and there is no reason why there may not some day be people with whom they can very well happen for you! You would fit in well in a hippie commune.
Thanks, I think I would fit in there, too!

Originally Posted by rory View Post
I am not sure if the need for space of an introvert is something an extrovert can ever completely relate to (just like I can't relate to being able to enjoy other's company for long periods of time no matter how much I might like to do so). But those are just our differences and differences is what makes things interesting, right?
It's not that I don't understand the need for space, I just think it's illogical to think you don't have your own space if you have a room all to yourself where you can spend the whole day without anyone coming in. I guess I tend to see roommates a bit like neighbours, they can also hear you through the walls and you might see them occasionally in the hallway. Okay, you see your roommates more than your neighbours but when it comes to your own space, I don't think there's much difference. Unless you want to spend all your own time in the kitchen for example.
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