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Default Our Third threesome, Part 1

This is so long that I have to break it into two parts.

She sucked him with a deep and burning hunger that seemed insatiable. I fucked her from behind until I was on the verge of orgasm, and then slid out just in time to squeeze down hard and not make myself ejaculate. fucking her again and again, I spread her sweet ass cheeks and masturbated, rubbing my cock on her clearly visible pussy. About to come again, I rolled over on my back and slid my head under her and suckled her love orchid. It was in full bloom, the sweetest goddess nectar ambrosia in the world. then I got back up and took her from behind again, pausing every time I got close.

I swore that she'd make him come sucking him like that, but he didn't.

She said that she thought it was His turn, and don't we have some condoms somewhere? I was surprised by her brazenness, but loved it! I covered him with a sheet and said they could dry hump for now, and I went to look. I found some luckily and delivered them with a smile, rubbing my cock all the while.

She went back to sucking his cock a little more and then he put the condom on and she mounted him. She shuddered as she settled slowly down taking the full length of him into her deep secret sacred place. She started grinding and gyrating the way that she does. His hips rose to meet her. She rode him so deep and so hard.

A smile spread across his face for the first time. He lit up and opened as she rode him like a bride on her wedding night. The goddess entered her, and she gave up to her. Arms and head flying, body writhing, possessed, she came on top of him, on top of his capable smooth beautiful cock in a symphonic cascade of screams and shouts. Anyone who heard was blessed by the sound.

She took my hand and guided me to stand next to them so that she could suck on my cock while riding him. I dutifully supplied my now hard cock to her eager, adept, delicious mouth. An earthquake rolled through her again as she ground down hard on his cock and sucked me deep into her mouth. She cried out, but lightly this time. Ever so lightly. A whimper of pleasure escaped her mouth, breathing past my cock as she sucked on me.

They continued. I moved and sat at his feet, holding them and touching his leg and masturbating with the best view in the house. She would look back at me and spread her ass cheeks so I could get a better view. Damn, I'm getting hard just writing about it. Seeing that frisky sexy twinkle in her beautiful eyes as she looked back over her shoulder in complete love and showed me her pussy fucking his cock just drove me crazy! I reached out and stroked his balls a little.

Then he rolled her over into missionary position and the bed broke from under us! The board fell to the floor, and I scurried to repair things while they were locked in an awkward limbo laughing big convulsing belly laughs. This is real life. This is the reality of sex. It is not all beauty and romance. There are pauses and interruptions. The silliness and playfulness of such moments makes us lighter, humbles us, and binds us to each other. These are the precious precious treasures to never forget. Hold on tight less they slip from your grasp forever.

I turned them sideways so I could repair the gap while they could continue on the couch. They were so beautiful together. My wife, my beautiful divine goddess wife looking at me with wide eyes, her heart so open and her smile so wide that I shudder to think of it. And she made love to him. She raised her hip to his while he thrust into her, grinding on his beautiful cock and looking into his eyes and into mine. He would look at me and I back at him. I am starting to understand now. He was on that edge of overflowing, saturation and even worry, looking to me to be reassured that this is indeed okay. Yes, I am right here. I am having sex with you both without touching you. I am witnessing your power and vulnerability and fear and excitement, and I love you both for every last drop of it all.

She picked up on his energy, the ever-connected seven chackra love picking up on every nuance and pulse of change. She asked him if this way okay, if he wanted to do something else, and he slowly guided her up onto all fours, facing me on the repaired bed. There he was looking to me again, needing my eye contact to know that yes, this is okay, yes, yes, and yes. In all ways yes. I am so here with you both. We merged into one flowing wave as she took me into her mouth and he thrust himself inside her. Yes, drive your way home, yes, take her, yes bring yourself to orgasm and release that spray of paradoxical feelings in spasms of tension and stillness. Come inside her, with me inside her mouth or kissing her or looking into her eyes and whispering "I love you."

It took time. I wondered if he wouldn't be able to come. Perhaps too much in his mind, perhaps too many strong emotions and complete sensory overload will prevent the release, the shudder of utter stark surrender and vulnerability. He pushed through the rich battle of thoughts and feelings and sensations and drove hard into her, hard, but not too hard. No whimper of pain came from her throat. She cried, yes, but in passion and pleasure. who knows how many fluttering quivering orgasms shot through her body while riding hid glorious cock that morning. six? ten? 12? who's counting anyway! He gave her bountiful multiple orgasms over and over again until he finally released his tension and love and life force into her (with a condom on

He gave her something that I have not been able to give her in a long time. She rode him for an hour straight. Full deep all the way to the heart grinding, where her clit would rub hard on his pelvic bone. Full soul penetrating fullness over and over again. No corner left untouched, unloved.

Living together in this small space with no big bed and such limited room to move has hindered our sex life. When we first met, we would often make love until sunrise. That has not happened since we lost the perfect bed that we had in her house in the woods. Mattress right on the floor, no wood boards and bed legs to wobble or shake. We could ride with my cock soul-deep up in her pussy for hours on the most solid of all foundations. Here on this floating micro-apartment it has been difficult to maneuver our bodies amidst and among the corners and walls and ceilings and lights and shelves that protrude into the living space from ever so inconvenient angles and locations. Add to this mix that we are often so tired from work and life, and I often come quickly (and am happy to do so). The release is still as lovely, but we have become a tradition of quickies.

So watching him, me somewhat in disbelief, let her grind on him for a solid hour at full up to her belly button depth was like watching devout wish for my lover unfold in front of me. It was an unspoken prayer answered. It was watching him give her a thing that I know she adores and maybe even needs, and that I would love to give her but have not for some time. No feelings of inadequacy. No feeling of inferiority. I experienced sheer joy watching her gyrate so deep and hard--on and on and on and on. Drink your fill lover. There is more love here than you need. There is no end to the limitless. Drink deep my darling, breathe him into your primal sexual self and luxuriate in his ability to meet you there and not shrink back.

Maybe now with this new grand bed we can go there again. I look forward to trying!

Next: part 2.
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