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"There's no Mary Sue. you know what I mean?"

Carob is talking to Sugar in the other room. All three of us are a little bit drunk; to be honest, I'm probably more drunk that either of them.

I have no idea what I'm talking about. S comes in briefly, I hope to give me a kiss but it's really to get something, maybe ar roll of toilet paper.

"You can't go backwards. You can't go from that to Seinfield." Sugar says. C agrees. They're talkling about something. I'm too wasted to understand.

It makes me happy that I'm weak, that I'm somewhat an imbecile. It can be tough being the middle person, how they say? The pivot.

I didn't mean to be this drunk but it's arelief. Nothing much is expected of me. Other people are happy without me.

I am happy. I am sleepy I can be incompetent and snooze and everything will be okay. I love my life.
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