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Actually there's still one thing I'd like to add. Even though I was talking about real people, JJ, rory and Alec, it's mainly because they are in my life right now (and hopefully will be for a long time) and it's easy to imagine living with them. And I would like it, I'm pretty sure I would. This next one comes with the same disclaimer rory made for me earlier: It's not that I wouldn't want to live with her (because I would), but... But basically, this is more about me than any of them. I'm the one with the hippie-commune fantasy and it can be possible for me some day. Maybe not with them, but with someone else. Maybe JJ gets a girlfriend he would like to move in with and the three of us could live together. Or maybe I'll find a 3rd partner that would like the commune idea and she/he already has a partner or several and I'll move in with all of them. Or it doesn't even have to be with partners, I could just move in with close friends. Who knows? This is my dream about how I would like to live. It might never happen with anyone, and I'm sure I could still be happy with different kind of arrangement as well. Or it might happen, because I pursued it, because I've been dreaming about it.

But it's my dream and it stays in my head no matter how unrealistic it is.
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