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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Are all your dates always group dates for the four of you? If so, why?

If you feel like it's always about sex when you get together, and you're not each of you dating separately, in order to get to know each other well and deepen your bonds with emotional and intellectual intimacy as well as physical, then I don't know how the relationships can become more than just for sexual activity. Package deals seem to wrap the whole situation up in a kind of superficial veneer, don't you think?
No, our dates are not group. We've had the ocassional four of us get togethers. But the standard is that he comes to visit me and Hubby goes to their house. It began with seeing one another separately so we're all comfortable there. Our date nights are only when all four are available. Hubby and I are comfortable having completely separate date nights. They are not.
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