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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Aurelie, I am so happy for you.

Honest communication + love + compassion works wonders!

That being said, it doesn't mean he won't ever feel insecure again, or that no one will make mistakes, but you've taken huge steps toward working things out and deepening your relationship. It's great that he wants you to teach him things to do with you sexually that he's never tried before. I think that, as long as you treat that as something of a loving adventure, it will make things between you 1000 times even more wonderful! I agree that you should wait a bit before introducing the two of them to each other - even a few months, if need be. I would wait for your boyfriend to settle into this newer, more secure place with you, and for his confidence level to rise, before adding another element that might throw him off.

Good job, hon.
Thanks nycindie, I think we have taken a big step this weekend, it feels like a lot of tension has been let loose, and at the moment I could not be happier, and we are going to enjoy that feeling for now.

I was so touched that he has asked me to teach him stuff that turns me on, it's so sweet. I have learnt that I need to stop assuming that he wouldn't like certain things, when he might. What I thought was him not liking something, was actually him just not having confidence and being a bit shy about it. I think he just needs more encouragement at times, and I will make sure I give it to him. It has worked the last few nights.

We have agreed that we are going to talk more about what we are feeling and not keep things bottled up just because we dont want to fight.

As you say, it doesn't mean he will stop feeling insecure, just because we have had this chat, it doesn't mean that our problems are over, it's only a start, but it's a good one.
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