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Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
Assuming loving, committed relationships can exist without sex being involved.

Assuming most people are involved in more than one relationship like that for most of their lives - I don't know many people who aren't.

Then, doesn't that make us all (or almost all) poly? Including people who are currently sexually monogamous and have no plans to change that?
There was another thread recently about the difference between love and friendship and whether or not there is one. It is here.

I don't disagree that if you're talking about the most literal definition of the word polyamory (multiple or many loves), then yes... Almost everyone would be polyamorous because prety much everyone loves multiple beings- parents, siblings, other family members, friends, lovers, themselves, pets, etc. If you assume, however, that polyamory implies a more romantic love (which is what I personally associate poly with), then I wouldn't agree. Sure you can have loving, committed relationships with friends but that doesn't give it the romantic aspect that I associate with polyamory.

So, I suppose the real question is - What is polyamory? Is it the literal meaning of the word or is it something deeper?
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